Cyber Security Policy

Technological developments and digital advancements are routinely impacting the way businesses manage relationships, exchange funds, communicate, and grow. In an effort to protect its customers, vendors, and suppliers and ensure a safe environment for the technological-based business dealings, Quaker Houghton has taken internal measures to ensure protections against third party attempts at fraudulent cyber conduct and cyber security violations.

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While Quaker Houghton provides each customer, vendor, and supplier with specific instructions regarding payment, and steps to be taken relative to changing pertinent information, such as telephonic confirmations, direct approvals, and extensive review, Quaker Houghton will not request changes or amendments to banking and wiring information via e-mail. Should e-mail correspondence be received requesting changes to payment instructions, please contact an authorized Quaker Houghton representative by telephone and obtain verbal confirmation immediately.


Quaker Houghton requests that all customers, suppliers, and vendors remain aware of the vulnerabilities associated with technological transactions and remain vigilant in tracking and strengthening their own cyber security measures to prevent any third party interference with business and diversion of funds. Quaker Houghton is committed to such protections and requests its customers, suppliers, and vendors engage in a partnered commitment to this mutual responsibility.